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Location: /Bath and Body

Endau Harmonising Cream 50ml

Endau Harmonising Cream 50ml

Product Information
Endau Harmonising Cream formerly known as Wilde Yam & Chaste Tree Cream.

The Endau Harmonizing Cream Topical formula is a unique blend of phytoestrogens and other herbal extracts to help balance hormone levels for women during their menopausal and reproductive years.

The newly enhanced cream features active ingredients and a superior delivery system that boosts efficacy and targets the same segment as the old creams, whilst still retaining the benefits of Wild Yam, the Chaste Tree fruit extracts have been replaced in the formula with superior Red Clover Leaf and Soy Bean extracts, plus an improved delivery system. Its advanced blend of active ingredients and a superior delivery system also help to moisturise and smooth the skin.

Product Usage
Apply ¼ - ½ teaspoon to soft skin regions of the body (inside of arms and thighs, chest, neck and stomach). Use one to two times daily for 21 consecutive days and discontinue use for 7 consecutive days each month.

Amongst the active ingredients in this new formula are Wild Yam Root Extract, Soybean Extract, Clover Leaf Extract, Aloe Barbendensis Leaf Juice and Banana Flower Extract.

Price: 18.10

Product Code: 5833GB
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