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Location: /Nutritional Support

Ardiol 30 softgels

Ardiol 30 softgels

Product Information
Ardiol formerly known as Cardiol
Ardiol is a formula designed to complement existing healthy lifestyles, and to support the overall health of the cardiovascular system through proper nourishment, at the same time playing an essential role in energy production.When we are young, we produce our own supply of coenzyme Q10, but as we age the body’s ability to produce it declines and the need for supplementation may become necessary. coenzymeQ10 and vitamin E work synergistically together as cardiovascular nutrients, and may improve energy levels.

Product Usage
Take one softgel twice a day before meals.

Rice Bran Oil, Gelatine, VitaminE, Glycerine, Coenzyme Q10, water, Yellow Beeswax, Colour: AnnatoExtract, Beta-Carotene, Titanium Dioxide.

Price: 32.10

Product Code: 1007GB
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